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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are among the hottest favourites with all types of investors. Investing in mutual funds ranks among one of the preferred ways of creating wealth over the long term. In fact, mutual funds represent the hands-off approach to entering the equity market. There are a wide variety of mutual funds that are viable investment avenues to meet a wide variety of financial goals



A debt investment in which an investor loans money to an entity (corporate or governmental) that borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a fixed interest rate. Bonds are used by companies, municipalities, states and U.S. and foreign governments to finance a variety of projects and activities.

Bonds are commonly referred to as fixed-income securities and are one of the three main asset classes, along with stocks and cash equivalents.


Post Office Schemes

  1. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.
  2. Post Office Schemes.
  3. Govt schemes offered through Post Offices and Nationalised Banks.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposits in companies that earn a fixed rate of return over a period of time are called Company Fixed Deposits. Financial institutions and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) also accept such deposits. Deposits thus mobilised are governed by the Companies Act under Section 58A. These deposits are unsecured,i.e., if the company defaults, the investor cannot sell the documents to recover his capital, thus making them a risky investment option.


Real Estate

In today's competitive world the Indian Real Estate sector offers you choices galore. In such a scenario you need a reliable partner who will give you the right advice and hold your hand to help you make the right choice. Intelli Realty from the house of Ankush capital is the right partner for you. It is the single-window to all your Real Estate needs providing you with cutting-edge insights into India's diverse and challenging Real Estate markets and offering you a complete range of services related to purchase/sale/leasing of residential and commercial property.


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