Child Plans


With the rise in the cost of education it is very difficult to raise a child without the best child plan in India. There are two options; either you start saving up for your child’s future on your own or get the best child insurance plan from trusted insurers. Child education plans and child future plans in India are structured in a manner that will help you to provide financial support to your child when there are crucial situations like higher education and marriage funds involved.

There are a lot of factors that should be considered while buying a child future plan. You will need an insurer that will offer you various products on child plan and more. We offer you just that affordable best children insurance plan for education and future and added benefits. Not only should the child’s education needs should be fulfilled but they should also have a secured future to finance their crucial needs like starting a new business or getting married.

When your child grows up and you plan their higher studies you should have the confidence to have a strong child education plan to let you go through it, hence we will offer you the best children insurance plans as we are affiliated to companies who are experts in putting forward best child education plan. Before you plan to buy insurance for your child, make sure you go through the details and quotes offered by other companies, this will help you choose the best child insurance plan.

Why child Plan?

As a parent, you would not like to compromise your child’s bright career, regardless of the rising cost of education. All you need is a saving’s plan that is designed to provide money at key educational milestones and take care of your loved ones future even if you are not around.
This means that the child gets money at important stages of his/her student life and education never suffers due to lack of funds.

What are Child Plans?

Education solutions ensures comprehensive financial planning for your child’s education/ developmental needs. In this you pay premium regularly or in a single lumpsum and during the key educational milestones of your child you can withdraw the money partially. It offers financial protection to your child’s future in the unfortunate event of your death.

Why do I need Child Plan?
  • Increasing costs of education: The costs of education is increasing at a rapid pace across all levels. In order to ensure that you can pay for your children’s educations you need to start saving at the earliest.
  • Multiple interests of children: In order to ensure that your child is an all-rounder you need to train him in different areas like sports, dancing, singing etc. All these extra-curricular activities cost huge money and hence add to the overall cost of education.
  • Tax benefits: Apart from protection and savings, wealth insurance plans also offer tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.
  • Protection: In the unfortunate event of death of the parent (Life Assured) during the term of the Policy, the following benefits are payable:
    • Sum Assured would be paid to the beneficiary.
    • Future premiums would be paid by the Company till the maturity of the Policy.
    • Policy benefits would continue for your child’s educational and developmental needs, as planned by you.
    • If an optional rider has been chosen, an additional fixed amount shall be paid to the child every year till the maturity of the Policy.
When should I start investing for my child’s Education needs?

What is the better time to start investing in an educational plan than the day your child is born? This will ensure that at the time of higher education of your child, an adequate financial corpus is built. Or, you can even use the maturity amount to gift the apple of your eye a wedding to cherish for a lifetime or seed capital to fuel his business ambitions. So, start as early as you can to enjoy the benefits of long term planning.