Home Insurance


Your home is your shelter and a very large part of your earnings goes into selecting, finalizing and designing it. It is a kind of investment that is planned and decided after serious discussions and thinking. Home insurance is a type of security that will give you a cover for any kind of loss and damages that have occurred because of man-made or natural calamities on your home or the contents of your home.The amount of cover of home insurance in India depends on the total cost of the construction of the house and the value of the assets available in the house. There are a number of companies that offer affordable homeowners insurances; hence you will have to carefully choose your preference. Go through some quotes given by a few property insurance companies and you will be able to decide.Ankush Capital claims to offer the most affordable and competitive cover for your homes. Your house requires protection against sudden accidents like fire, lightening, earthquake shock and others, hence choosing your house insurance from us will give you a cover of all this with added benefits. Under your home insurance plan you can either get a sole cover for your structure, sole cover for the contents in the house or both.Securing your life, health and car is very important, but choosing your home insurance policy is of utmost important too, as you have your whole and sole earnings invested in it.

Why do I need a Householder Insurance Policy?

Home is an environment offering affection and security. To ensure complete security & protection against accidental damages Householder policy provides cover both to building and its contents.Now you can buy and renew policies Online. Buy a new House Insurance policy, Renew an existing Insurance Householder’s policy or renew policies bought from any other general insurance company by registering yourself on our Portal and paying online through your debit card / credit card or Net-banking. To check out various online facilities available, you may login on the Portal.

How do I select the sum insured?

The sum insured must cover the full cost of rebuilding the property including architect fee etc and the cost of clearing away the debris and cost of obtaining sanctions for any new building regulations or by-laws.

General Exclusions

This policy does not cover loss or damage to Home & its contents;

1. Caused by war and allied perils
2. Nuclear radiation and related causes.