Ankush Capital has built strong relationships with all prominent public and private insurance companies across India. Our partners are from life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, corporate insurance and loan sectors. We pride our self in the relationship we share with our partners. We utilize these partnerships to:

  • Streamline our knowledge and business operations
  • Show prices directly from the insurers.
  • Compare the policies with complete details
  • Provide the facility of buying insurance online


Santosh Bhartiya , Chairman

santosh_sir1Santosh Bhartiya is the Chairman of Ankush Capital. He has led the emergence of Ankush Capital, executing long term strategies and drawing direction for the company’s growth.  Sh. Santosh Bhartiya started his journalistic career from Hindi weekly RAVIVAR, a prestigious & popular publication of Anand Bazaar Patrika, and then he became Special Correspondent of RAVIVAR. He is the journalist who did the first ever interview of the bandit queen Phoolan Devi and he wrote about her & Vikram Mallah. This is one of the examples.

Sh. Santosh Bhartiya is credited for revolutionizing the nature and approach of present day television scenario in India, especially election coverage, by making it people-centric from leader and political party-centric. It was his idea of directly involving the voter and common people, which he implemented during the assembly election of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Chhattisgarh in the year 2003.

Sh. Bhartiya also contributed as Special Correspondent of THE TELEGRAPH, an esteemed English daily of the same group. Santosh Bhartiya became one of the first TV journalists of India when he made a furor in electronic media as a Special Correspondent of NEWS LINE, the first news and current affairs on DOORDARSHAN. He became Chief Editor of CHAUTHI DUNIYA the first Sunday newspaper in the history of Hindi journalism, which not only set a milestone in Indian journalism but was also considered as a trendsetter in the field of Journalism.

Sh. Bhartiya is a pioneer journalist in the field of investigative journalism and field reporting. He has broken more than 100 news stories, which finally remained Un-contradicted and unchallenged, More than 1000 renowned stories are accounted in the name of Sh. Bhartiya.

Sh. Santosh Bhartiya had written two books. One on journalism & other is the collection of his comments, which was published in various Newspapers & Magazines. Nowadays Santosh Bhartiya is busy in writing books on Contemporary Indian Politics.

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