Personal Accident Insurance

In India, around thirteen people die every hour in road accidents and these incidents terribly affect finances. You can spend your savings towards treatment and disrupting income until recovery. Buying personal accident insurance at Ankush Capital is a sensible decision and can be vital to maintain finances.

Personal accident policy offers a wide coverage and unique benefits to cover individual and group of people both against physical loss because of death and disablement resulting out of accident.

The amount which will be paid by the insurer helps you to recover your finances to keep financial stability. The sum assured provided by the personal accident insurance turns as a major support to save you and your family from the economical crisis.

Personal Accident Coverage

Below is the personal accident insurance coverage:

• Accidental Death
Accidental death coverage gives compensation on the policyholder’s death caused by bodily injury resulting out of accident and leading into death. The nominee will receive entire sum assured offered by the insurer.

• Accidental Disablement
It indicates that the insured person is disabled from work, either wholly or partially.

• Accidental Dismemberment
The policyholder’s body part has been dismembered or severed. It clearly means that the insured person loses his eyes, legs or hand, then only the insured person would be eligible to receive a claim under this coverage.

Additional Benefits

• Funeral Expenses in case of accidental death
• Expenses incurred for transportation of policyholder’s dead body from the accident spot to the residence place

Hospital daily cash allowance for accidental bodily injury

There are many general insurance companies in India who provide personal accident cover that compensates individual against death, loss of eyesight, loss of limbs, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement, solely, permanent partial disablement and directly resulting from accidental injuries.